101-Year-Old Mom Wants to Get Out of the Car, but What She Does Wins Internet’s Heart

August 31, 2019 Updated: August 31, 2019

When there’s so much going wrong in the world, it’s difficult sometimes to make it through the news day with a smile on your face. But a few years ago in British Columbia, a man found the secret to making the internet turn its frown upside down.

All he had to do was shoot a little video of his 101-year-old mother playing in the snow.

For Armand Foisy, of Lilooet, British Columbia in Canada, it was simply a day out with his vivacious and cheerful mother. As Foisy described her to the CBC: “She’s a very happy, a very joyous person. She does not feel that 101 is any detriment to anything.”

While it was raining down in the town that mid-November day, Foisy and his mother, Albina, wanted to drive up into the nearby mountains to see if they could find some snow. And find it they did! “A couple of kilometers from town, we were right into [the snowstorm],” Foisy explains in the video.

Pulling over by a beautiful stretch of road next to some pine trees, he was going to turn around and head back to town. “But before I could get back into town, the door flies open and out steps mom.”

It was a moment of “great joy and fun,” her son told the CBC (©YouTube Screenshot | Armand Foisy)

Luckily, Foisy was ready to capture the action, because “when you have a mother that’s 101 years old, it’s a good idea to keep the camera nearby for those special moments.”

His mom picks up the snow, obviously delighted to have the chance to feel that perfect beginning of season snow that’s perfectly soft and light.

“My oh my oh my,” she says, grabbing a handful of snow; and with several decades of practice, no doubt, she makes a perfect snowball. She spares her son and the camera but gives the snowball a great toss over toward a road sign.

When Foisy originally decided to post it online, “it was just a simple little video that was meant for family and friends,” as he told the CBC. Little did Foisy know this tribute to his mom’s sense of wonder and joy in the snow would go to capture the hearts of tens of millions of YouTubers around the world!

It’s definitely not the first time Albina Foisy has made a snowball (©YouTube Screenshot | Armand Foisy)

In an age where so much of our realities are manufactured for social media, the authenticity of the video shone through, as Foisy explained to the CBC. “There’s nothing staged. It’s honest and pure. Therefore it’s filled a need.”

What did Foisy think was the secret to his mother’s infectious happiness and energy? “She has the normal aches and pains and stuff of age,” he told the CBC, but through it all “she just laughs and deals with [difficulties].”

When the video went viral overnight, his mother just couldn’t believe that she of all people was on the TV. In another post to YouTube called “101 Year Old TV Star,” Foisy filmed her watching a news report. When the video came on screen, she pointed at the screen with glee. “There I am, that’s me, that’s me!” she exclaimed, as she chuckled with delight.

As Foisy said to the CBC, “to say that she [was] absolutely thrilled and amazed” about her brief celebrity “is a total understatement.” Believe it or not, four years later, Albina Foisy is still going strong.

It must be all the playing in the snow!

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Mom and I atLydia Koot’s Craft fair booth. We had a great time.

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