Video: Portuguese Boy Consoles Devastated French Fan After Soccer Win

By Sherley Boursiquot, Epoch Times
July 11, 2016 Updated: July 11, 2016

A crushed French fan was comforted by a young Portuguese boy after Portugal beat France 1-0 in the Euro 2016 final on July 10.

The video shows the heartbroken fan, dressed in his country’s colors, sobbing openly in the street. The little boy—a Portugal fan—reached up and grabbed the man’s hand from his eyes while saying something to cheer him up. Afterward, the two shook hands.

Before the two parted ways, the French fan gave a thumbs up and bent over to kiss the boy on the top of his New York Yankees cap.

The French fan, clearly taken aback by the little boy’s kind gesture, stopped him once more to give him a high five and a hug. 

Though both the man and the boy remain unidentified, people on social media were moved by the touching video posted on Facebook.

As of July 11, the video has been viewed 12 million times, and accumulated more than 250,000 shares. 

“I was so angry that Portugal won, but I literally cannot be anymore,” wrote one fan on Facebook. “Not when there are people like this little boy who love the game and [it seems] love life.”

Sunday’s game was Portugal’s first European Championship, and the seemingly simple act of kindness seemed to inspire as much pride in their country as winning the 2016 final.

“Respect for this kid…. a true Portuguese fan,” wrote another, “this is also what football is about… Many should watch and learn. VIVA PORTUGAL.”

One woman wrote, “Adults need to learn from children! What a beautiful child… he fills my heart with love and even more pride to be Portuguese!!”