‘Very Powerful, Very Touching,’ Says Marketing Company Owner

April 1, 2018

“We’re having a great time. We’re really enjoying it. … [We’ve] been wanting to come for a long time, so [we] finally made it.”

“I think it’s wonderful way to let people know about the dancing, the history, as well as telling the stories at the same time.”

“The orchestra is amazing, beautiful orchestra. The music is fantastic. The costumes, the sets, the projections, it’s all just a wonderful piece.”

“Technically, it’s fantastic.”

“It’s been interesting just hearing the stories. Also, the Journey to The West was one that I’ve heard about before. Seeing the representation of that and then also what’s going on with the government and what’s going on in China is interesting as well. I’d heard about [the persecution of Falun Gong], actually I have followed it a bit.”

“I thought it was very powerful, very touching, beautiful production.”

“I love the history and the culture.”

“The dance is just beautiful and it takes you to a good place.”

“Obviously they are very trained and very talented. And it’s just a beautiful day.”

“I definitely recommend it. It’s something interesting and something that you obviously wouldn’t see every day. And to see the culture as well as the music, the costumes, the sets, everything, it’s just a beautiful time.”

Randy Lopez, owner of the JaKE agency
Bridges Auditorium, Claremont, United States
Shen Yun World Company
April 1, 2018