Useful Life Hacks for Every Day of the Week

When life gives you lemons… but what if not everyone appreciates the sour tinge and diabetes-inducing amount of sugar in lemonade? And we all know life distributes those lemons faster than we can drink. Thus, when life gives you lemons, it’s time for some serious hacking. Here are some very simple cheats to help you get through your week, preferably with a cup of coffee.

“Long & Slow” Monday

The Bad: It takes time for us common folks to warm up for the start of a new week. Mondays are thus known as the days with lowest stock returns. Although this is not a rule set in stone, you should generally wait until Wednesday to sell your stock.

The Good: Not everyone has the privilege of being unproductive on this day: according to Workapolis, Monday happens to be the best time to apply for a job. And those HR managers need not worry about being delayed by traffic, which is at its most agreeable on Monday.

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“No Refill” Tuesday

The Good: It is a truth universally acknowledged by avid fliers that domestic plane tickets can generally be purchased at a lower price on Tuesday, unless they are booking very close to departure date. (Keep in mind that recent studies by reveal that ticket prices can also be cheaper on Saturday.) Many large theaters, such as Cineplex, also offer significant discounts on Tuesday movies.

The Bad: Unfortunately for drivers, gas prices are usually static at the beginning of the week and remain high after weekend price hikes. However, all you chauffeurs need not fret: Wednesday is just around the corner with exciting surprises (see below if the suspense is too great to bear).

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“Early Bird” Wednesday

The Good: If your fuel was low on Tuesday, rejoice that your anxieties shall not extend far beyond Wednesday noon. Fuel rates are at their lowest on Wednesday morning, before gas station managers have the time to stalk out their competitors and adjust their own pricing. Conveniently, stopping by the grocery store to stock up for the week after refilling your fuel on Wednesday means avoiding crowded weekend rushes and being among the first to enjoy weekly sales.

The Bad: You are only halfway done with your week. Perhaps it’s time to stock up on motivational quotes.

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“Positive” Thursday

The Good: Retail stores tend to discount on clothing to prepare for weekend deals. Men who don’t wish to brave the crazed Saturday crowds with their significant others now have the chance of killing two birds with one stone. With your spare time, post the night away on Facebook and collect extra “likes” from heightened traffic on the web.

The Bad: Thursday is awesome in every aspect. And you are one day closer to the much anticipated weekend.

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“Tipsy” Friday

The Good: Rejoice, it’s the last day of work! It also happens to be the best day to go out and enjoy a drink without drilling a hole in your wallet. Most reputed bars extend their happy hours to Friday night, and best of all, you can safely nurse your hangover or laze around Saturday morning.

The Bad: Traffic is at its worst, and returning home for the weekend suddenly feels much more tedious for just about everyone. Hop on the subway instead, and perhaps you won’t have to refill again next Wednesday!

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“Versatile” Saturday

The Good: Saturday is good for just about everything. Some prefer to relax and sleep-in while others enjoy frolicking in the wild outdoors. Show your personality on Saturday: it’s the best day for going out, doings sports, working out, and drinking port (rhyme intended). Saturday might be even more awesome than Positive Thursday!

The Bad: Sadly, all good things must come to an end, or at least possess some negative aspect. Entertain yourself on Saturday, but do not venture to the theme park or other such touristic places unless you sympathize with squashed sardines.

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“I Wish It Could Last Forever” Sunday

The Good: Breathe in, breathe out, and try not to think of this as your last day of freedom. The good thing about Sunday is that it offers a very exciting “crowd” effect in movie theaters in the afternoon, even if it usually doesn’t come cheap. If you are tight on budget, various North American museums offer free visiting hours on Sundays. Challenge your brain after all that Saturday exercise!

The Bad: Restaurants usually receive fresh ingredients on Tuesday, thus whatever you are eating on Sunday are probably leftovers of the week. That, and it’s Monday as soon as you wake up again and the battle for survival continues.

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