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US, UK, Australia to Develop Hypersonic Weapons

Three world powers are arming themselves to combat a weapons system the Chinese Communist Party is developing.

A $95 million arms sale was made from the United States to Taiwan to help defend the island from missiles. It’s the third purchase under the current president.

Back in the spotlight is organ harvesting in China. A new study by a top U.S. medical journal adds new evidence to the accusation against Beijing: that it executes prisoners for their organs.

Shanghai extends its lockdown but loosens a controversial policy that separates children who test positive from their parents.

Food shortages persist under strict stay-at-home orders. But residents are starting to break the rules, while authorities weld doors shut to keep people inside.

Topics in this episode:
U.S. Approves $95m Boost To Taiwan’s Air Defense
South Korea Seeking U.S. Nuclear Deterrence
Pentagon Officials Testify Before Congress
Study: Organ Removal Killed Chinese Prisoners
Shanghai Extends Lockdown, Eases Separation Policy
Shanghai Citizens Break Quarantine Over Lacking Food
Q&A: What Does Being ‘State-owned’ Mean In China?
Residents Scold Authorities For Welding Doors Shut
Farmers Get Permits To Work In Henan Crop Fields
Docs: CCP Uses Propaganda to Cope w/ Food Shortages
Experts Warn Against Chinese Communist Party Threat
China To Boost Domestic Oil Output

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