US Official Suggests al-Qaeda Behind Paris Attacks Report Says

November 13, 2015 Updated: November 14, 2015

rA top American counter-terrorism expert has said that the attacks in Paris that left more than 100 dead looks more like something from an al-Qaeda (al-Qaida) affiliate due to the coordination involved.

There was also speculation that ISIS, or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, was behind the attacks. Neither al-Qaeda or ISIS have claimed responsibility.

Richard Engel with NBC News quoted an unnamed U.S. counter-terrorism official as saying the comments about al-Qaeda.


Supporters of ISIS celebrated the terrorist attacks on Twitter.

Earlier in 2015, Al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen took responsibility for the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris that left 12 people dead.

Five places in Paris were under attack. They were Bataclan Concert Hall, the Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, 90 Rue Charonne, the Stade de France stadium, and reportedly at Les Halles shopping mall. The attacks involved shootings and bombings.

More than 100 people were held hostage  at the concert hall. French special forces attacked the venue, killing two attackers and freeing many hostages. However, many people were reportedly killed in the theater.

French President Francois Hollande closed down the nation’s borders and declared a state of emergency.

Meanwhile, 1,500 French soldiers were sent to Paris.

On Saturday morning, Deputy Mayor Patrick Krugman said, “We are facing an unknown and historic situation in Paris.”