US Has No Access to Afghan Killings Site

March 29, 2012 Updated: March 29, 2012

U.S. military officials have been blocked from the sites where 17 Afghan civilians were killed, allegedly by a U.S. sergeant, according to a report from CNN on Thursday.

This means that American personnel have not been able to gather DNA from the site, an official told the network, but added that Afghan investigators may have been able to acquire some.

“We do not have access to the crime scene,” the official said, giving some details about what happened that night.

He said that Sgt. Bales may have been guarding base during the night and would have been outfitted with body armor and an automatic rifle.

The official said that alcohol was likely not involved in the crime. “I do not think that drinking played a big role, but there may have been some level of drinking,” the official said.

DNA was discovered in blood found on Bales’ clothing, the official added. The lack of access to the shooting site, however, could make it difficult to prosecute Bales, who was sent back to the United States.