US Dairy Export Council: No Food Supply Shortage

April 14, 2020 Updated: April 14, 2020

Tom Vilsack, President, U.S. Dairy Export Council said:

“There’s not a shortage. There’s plenty of food being produced, it’s a question of making sure that we meet the supply and the demand at the same point. Right now there’s a misalignment. And normally you’d be able to adjust, normally you’d be able to take that excess supply and you’d be able to distribute it around the country.

“Well, you’ve got issues with transportation, you’ve got issues with people having the virus who are critically important to all of this. You also have issues in terms of getting supply overseas.

“Normally, we would export some of this supply to create a balance. Well, we can’t do that because the rest of the world is suffering through the same thing we’re suffering through, so it’s a combination.”

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