US Central Command Denies ISIS Claim American Warplane Was Shot Down

July 25, 2016 Updated: July 26, 2016

The Pentagon denied claims from the ISIS terrorist group that it shot down an American warplane in Iraq on July 25.

On Monday afternoon, ISIS news agency Amaq said that it shot down a U.S. aircraft near Ayn al-Asad Airbase, a U.S.-Iraqi base located about 100 miles northwest of Baghdad, the capital.

But that claim was shot down by U.S. Central Command in a tweet: “There is no truth to reports of ISIL downing a US aircraft near Anbar.” All American and coalition aircraft were accounted for, it added.

ISIS controls significant portions of western and northern Iraq, including the second largest city of Mosul.

Centcom, located in Tampa, Florida, is responsible for U.S. security interests in 27 nations that stretch from the Arabian Gulf to the Horn of Africa and Central Asia.

Meanwhile, anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria and Iraq have hit their 2016 high, the Air Force Times reported on July 19.

Last week, President Obama said the U.S. will send 560 more troops to Iraq to help transform an air base into a hub used for staging an attack on Mosul. 

“These additional U.S. forces will bring unique capabilities to the campaign and provide critical enabler support to Iraqi forces at a key moment in the fight,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said last Monday, according to The Associated Press.