US and EU Impose Sanctions on Belarus Over Election Crackdown

January 31, 2011 Updated: March 5, 2012

The United States and European Union announced new sanctions against Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and other top Belarusian officials on Monday.

The sanctions come in response to the violent crackdown on political opponents and demonstrators during presidential elections last month.

Lukashenko and 158 other people, including his two sons, will be banned from entering Europe and their assets in Europe will be frozen.

The White House has also banned many high ranking Belarusian officials from entering the United States under the new sanctions, and is revoking licenses to do business with two major state-owned companies. 

“The United States continues to seek the immediate release of all detainees and the dropping of all charges associated with the crackdown,” State Department spokesperson Philip Crowley said in a press release on Monday.

At least 600 people were arrested after the Dec. 19 presidential vote, including seven candidates.

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