US Air Force to Destroy 24 Tons of Cocaine for Costa Rica

July 30, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Costa Rica has seized about 24 tons of cocaine over the past two years, but isn’t able to destroy it on its own. So the U.S. Air Force is flying the two containers of  cocaine to Miami to destroy it.

The general directorate of the Judicial Investigation Organization told CR Hoy that the move is not normal but is needed “given that at this time we have nowhere to destroy drugs, especially in such increased quantities.”

Multiple Costa Rican officials, including the president of the court, are flying with the cocaine and will meet a consul of the country in Miami to ensure that it is destroyed.

The U.S. aircraft flying around the country picking it up was given legislative permission to do so, according to officials. However, some members of the country’s Congress have questioned the move. Carmen Muñoz said that it was “a flagrant violation of national sovereignty, the way the aircraft entered without permission.

Costa Rica is known as a peaceful country because it doesn’t have an army and relies on police to maintain order in the country.





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