Young horse gets pulled down river by current—but watch what it’s dad does

December 9, 2017 1:13 pm Last Updated: December 9, 2017 1:13 pm

Any parent can tell you how incredibly easy it is for their children to get into trouble. It is almost like a supernatural ability for kids—no matter what the situation, they will repeatedly find ways to get themselves into problematic situations. Call it fate, or whatever else, but being a parent is pretty much being in a state of constant paranoia.

The same, it seems, is true for animals as well.

When a herd of horses was crossing a river to meet up with some friends, one of the young fillies got swept out into the current. Thankfully, though, dear old dad was there to save the day.

When Champ and his herd arrived at the bank of Arizona’s Salt River, they were greeted by newcomers on the other side.

(Becky Standridge/Screenshot)

In August of 2012, a herd of wild horses was taking a drink on the banks of Arizona’s Salt River, according to Salt River Wild Horses. Champ, the stallion and leader of the herd, then noticed a group of horses from another herd on the far side.

That was when two young colts on the far side began to play. This immediately attracted the notice of Champ’s herd, and soon some of the horses began to cross the river to join in on the fun.

The river-crossing proved somewhat treacherous.

(Becky Standridge/Screenshot)

However, things did not go quite as planned for Champ’s family. As the group of horses were crossing the river, one young female horse was having some difficulties.

For the larger, adults, the crossing was fairly easy. However, the smaller, younger horses could barely fight against the current.

Suddenly, one of the fillies were swept away and propelled downstream; the force of the water quickly separated her from the group.

This could have ended badly. At best, the filly would have only been separated from the herd, but, at worst, she could have drowned as the river pushed her to exhaustion.

Luckily, though, dad was on the scene.

Champ acted swiftly. He tried grabbing the young horse by the neck with his teeth. This did not work. The water was pushing the young horse too fast and he could not get a grip.

As every second passed, the situation became more desperate. The filly gained more and more distance from her family, and it became more challenging for Champ to rescue her.

Finally, after multiple tries, he got a firm grip on the filly’s mane and pulled her to safety.

His family was safe … for now.

(Becky Standridge/Screenshot)

After the excitement, Champ’s herd reached the other side and began socializing. But the filly, shaken by her close encounter, stayed close to her mother.

For now, Champ could relax. But like any parent could attest, that probably did not last long!