Young girl’s act of kindness brightens man’s day after he was involved in car wreck

"It was a terrible day for me but this little girl was the highlight of my day. She didn't know me from the bogeyman or the man on the moon."
July 24, 2018 4:09 pm Last Updated: July 24, 2018 4:09 pm

Fred Crooks and his co-worker, Isaac Mantley, were counting their blessings after being in a car wreck on July 16 in Nova Scotia, Canada. The collision occurred when a septic pump truck hit the trailer attached to their work truck.

Fortunately, everyone escaped unharmed, but the accident left equipment from Fred’s asphalt company strewn all over. Fred knew he was lucky to be alive, but the situation was far from ideal.

Countless passing cars slowed down to look at the wreckage, but none of them showed the concern that nearby resident 11-year-old Robin McElroy did. She didn’t know the men personally, but she was bent on turning their bad day around.

“It was a terrible day for me but this little girl was the highlight of my day,” Fred told the CBC. “She didn’t know me from the bogeyman or the man on the moon.”

Posted by Chelsea Crooks on Monday, July 16, 2018

Initially, McElroy checked on the men to make sure they weren’t hurt. But after walking away, she returned a while later with some refreshments.

“When she came down the second time this little girl was walking so lightly because she had a glass of cold water and you could tell she was trying hard not to spill it,” Fred said.

“She brought down some treats, too, and she turned a bad day into a good day. She was so kind and thoughtful.”

On a particularly hot day, the two men were blown away by her kindness. But with so much going on, Fred forgot to get the young girl’s name.

When he got home later that evening, he told his daughter, Chelsea Crooks, about the collision and the nice little girl who helped cheer him up. She turned to Facebook in hopes of finding the girl’s parents.

“The point of this post was hopefully it would reach the parents of a kind hearted amazing young girl, who blew my dads emotions away with her generosity and how caring a young soul could be,” Chelsea wrote in her Facebook post.

The post quickly made the rounds and reached Robin’s mother before long.

“Yes !!! I’m very proud… thank you for your very very kind words.. I had to pull over my car to read it before I start work … so glad they’re both ok,” McElroy’s mother said in her reply to Chelsea.

In the future

McEloy recently finished elementary school, and Chelsea would like to thank her in person before a new school year starts up.

“I just want to thank her and maybe give her a nice bouquet of flowers, a thank you card and maybe a gift card of some sort,” Chelsea said.

“I truly feel she needs recognition and that might stick in her mind as she grows up so maybe she’ll carry out those acts of kindness in the future.”

McElroy was genuinely surprised by the attention her kindness had received. She never thought she was doing something special, and was only concerned about the comfort of the men involved in the accident.

“It was a hot day and I thought the treats could refresh him,” McElroy told the CBC. “If I was him I would be in a lot of stress trying to get the tow truck and everything so I thought he could really use someone to help him like that.”