Young girl needed kidney so her dad donated one—but what mom does years later, makes her not the same

January 6, 2018 3:59 pm Last Updated: January 6, 2018 3:59 pm

Things were looking bleak for Azia Hassan. Living in the UK, at only two years old she’d been diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome, which is a condition that causes her kidneys to fail.

For the next few years she underwent dialysis, which was a necessity due to the fact that her body hadn’t grown enough for a transplant. The grueling days passed by slowly, but soon her father found out he was a match to donate an organ to his daughter.

Azia’s father decided to donate a kidney of his own as soon as she was able to receive it.

(Daan Stevens/Unsplash)

Just before she was to turn 5, Azia underwent the transplant operation. Everything went smoothly, and she was given a new lease on life and was able to grow and develop just like every other child due to the selflessness of her father. 

Things finally were looking up. However, four years later, Azia began feeling some familiar pain.

The donated kidney was failing.

(Liv Bruce/Unsplash)

Azia would need to undergo yet another transplant. She was faced with being put on dialysis again and having to take an huge number of pills every day, while her mother, Uzma Asghar, knew what she had to do.

She was going to donate a kidney of her own.

“If I can survive with one kidney and Azia desperately needs the other to live as normal a life as possible, why wouldn’t I choose to donate?” Asghar explained to Birmingham Mail. “I had been tested before when she had her first operation, so I knew I was a match.”

The days building up to the transplant were very nerve-wracking and stressful for Asghar. Determined not to let her down, Asghar buried those worries and concerns and did her best to comfort Hassan.

“The night before I gave her a hug and told her it was OK to cry. I knew it was for the best so that she could get better,” Asghar explained.

The mother and daughter underwent their respective surgeries.

(Piron Guillaume/Unsplash)

Thankful, the surgery went well, and mother and daughter were fine. As they took time to heal, the two even were able to return home in time to spend Christmas together.

Hassan now is one of a few children in the world who have received a kidney from both parents. Happy to simply still be alive, she intends to live a full and worthwhile life spending her time with the family that allowed her to do so.

As for Asghar, when asked to discuss how difficult it was to decide to donate a kidney, she explains that it was a no-brainer.

“It wasn’t something I had to think about very hard,” Asghar explained.

“You want your child to have the very best chance in life.”