Young Katy Perry fan shares emotional wish onstage with the pop star and brings everyone to tears

October 31, 2017 2:30 pm Last Updated: October 31, 2017 8:27 pm

The last emotion you’d expect anyone to feel at a Katy Perry concert is sad, but at one of Perry’s most recent concerts a young fan’s wish made everyone emotional, including the pop star herself.

12-year-old Zoe says she has been a huge fan of the “California Gurls” singer for as long as she can remember, so when her stepmother surprised her with tickets to see Katy Perry as a birthday present she was beyond thrilled.

“I was crying because I was so excited,” Zoe told KCTV. “I’ve never been to a concert before and Katy Perry is my idol.”

Zoe’s stepmother kept the concert a surprise until they were in front of the venue.

As Zoe danced and sung along to her favorite songs, Katy Perry got to the part of her concert where she brings a fan onstage and has them make a wish in front of the entire crowd.

The 12-year-old jumped up and down, waving her arms trying to get Perry’s attention, but in a sea of concertgoers all trying to get the singer’s attention it seemed impossible. That is until Zoe heard Katy Perry say, “You, in the orange hoodie, get up here on stage.”

Katy Perry spotted Zoe in the crowd and told her to get on stage with her.

I wish for an end to bullying. #bullying #katyperry #wish #wishuponastar #zoe

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Zoe ran down the stairs and up onto the stage and stood next to her idol. Perry had Zoe introduce herself to the crowd, then brought the 12-year-old over to a “shooting star” and asked her to make a wish.

“I wish for my 17-year-old sister with autism to stop getting bullied at her school,” Zoe told Perry.

The crowd went crazy and Perry grabbed Zoe and hugged her.

Zoe told WDAF that she heard the audience gasp, but then everyone was full of excitement. It was a moment she’d never forget.

She said that while she was up there she could have wished for anything in the world—being a huge fan she could have wished to sing with Perry or get her autograph, but instead she chose a wish for her sister.

“I care about my sister a huge deal,” Zoe told KCTV. “I would die for her.”

After Zoe’s wish, Perry told the young fan that she was going to pay a visit to her sister’s high school and have a chat with the students.

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