Young daughter wanted to feel included after parents got married, so dad proposes to her

He even went to the jewelry store to get the perfect ring for his daughter
July 7, 2018 12:21 pm Last Updated: July 7, 2018 12:21 pm

Generally, proposals work a certain way: one person proposes to another, the other person says “yes,” the two plan for a wedding, and get married months later.

Yet, for Mark Thomas of Northwest England, his situation worked a little differently. While he did go through with all those steps, there came a second proposal after the wedding—and it wasn’t to his wife.

Mark Thomas’s daughter, Evelyn, was so excited about his wedding she considered it her big day!

(Twitter/Mark Thomas)

According to Inspire More, Mark and his now-wife, Kathryn, have been together for six years. During that time, they had a daughter named Evelyn, 4, who they loved very much.

After over four years of raising her as a couple, they finally decided to get married.  When Evelyn found out about the wedding, she ran around to everyone telling them it was her big day!

While some couples might have discouraged this, Mark and Kathryn never did because, in their minds, they knew that the wedding was just as much about her as it was about them.

The couple was officially married in April, but Evelyn had nothing to show for it. Mark thought it was only fair that if they got rings, she should get one as well.

Mark “proposed” to Evelyn one month after the wedding.


Mark went to the jewelry store to get the perfect ring for his daughter. Then, when he returned home, he sat her down on the couch and got down on one knee.

“You know Mommy and Daddy got married and we’re a family now, me, you and Mommy,” Mark said in the YouTube video. “Well, Mommy and Daddy have got rings, haven’t we? Mommy’s got two rings.”

“Two?” Evelyn asked.

Perhaps that detail would’ve been best left unsaid, though it was soon forgotten as Mark cut to the chase, explaining that he wanted the whole family to feel married.

“Will you marry me?” he asked.

Evelyn of course said “yes.”

Evelyn was deeply appreciative of the gesture, liking it so much that she kept kissing the ring on her finger. Mark, Kathryn, and Evelyn had always been a family but now that it had been made official, all three of them were immensely happy!