Young boys stop car to help wheelchair-bound man shovel snow

August 29, 2017 10:10 am Last Updated: August 29, 2017 10:10 am

They say children are our future. When you see a couple of youngsters doing a kind deed completely on their own initiative, you can’t help but feel touched and hopeful.

But Daniel Medina felt more than hopeful—he felt proud. The father of two young boys had a “proud dad moment” when his kids asked him to pull over in the middle of a snowy night last winter so they could help someone in need.

(Facebook/Daniel Medina)

The proud father couldn’t help but snap a picture of his young sons, and he shared the act of kindness with the world in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

“Proud dad moment we’re driving down s60th st near Morgan and my two sons aged 10 and 6 asked me to pull over because they just seen a guy in a wheel chair trying to shovel his corner lot and they wanted to help”

The boys were out in the snow for about 45 minutes working hard shoveling the pathway and sidewalk. Medina said the man they helped was very grateful.

“He kept telling us thanks and kind of supervised us, made sure we dug out the bus stop in the corner, and also his car because he had a doctor’s appointment the next day.”

“It just made me happy,” Medina told Today. “They know to hold doors for people and all their manners.”

(Facebook/Daniel Medina)

The post has inspired people and parents around the world, who have given supportive comments. One woman said, “You’ve instilled great values in your children, you have a right to be proud.”

Medina added that the children were inspired to help the wheelchair-bound man because their own mother, who lives in New Mexico, uses a wheelchair, and they hoped that someone would help her if she needed it.