Young boys out kayaking notice grown man suffering a cramp & work to save him from drowning

When the fire department arrived, they even congratulated the boys on their actions
July 8, 2018 1:40 pm Last Updated: July 8, 2018 1:40 pm

If anything’s for certain, it’s that your age doesn’t determine whether or not you can do extraordinary things. We all have the potential inside of us, whether we’re old enough to retire, or young enough to be in elementary school.

Take this story, for example.

Bodie Thompson and Herman Tsakhaev are 11 and 9 years old, respectively, and they met for the first time at Walden Pond in Massachusetts earlier this month. On this particular day, both of them prepared to go paddle-boarding and kayaking on the pond.

They were able to go off by themselves, but not too far from their parents. But only an hour into the activities, the boys noticed something in the water.

An adult man was struggling to stay afloat in the lake.

Apparently, the man was suffering from a cramp, one that was significant enough to inhibit his ability to tread water.

“He was drowning, I think,” Herman told the Boston Globe.

Being as both of these kids are pretty young, one can imagine how either of them would react to a dire situation like this one.

But in this instance, they took matters into their own hands.

By themselves, the boys went out to the man using a kayak, and they hoisted him onto it.

(Jonathan Petersson / pexels)

Bodie’s mother, Sehnaz, noticed her son going to a part of the pond where she couldn’t see him, and having no idea what he was doing, she started to become frantic.

So imagine her confusion when her son and his friend returned and were being praised by witnesses as heroes—the boys had brought the man back to shore, safe and sound.

“I was like, you just saved someone’s life—that’s incredible,” Sehnaz told her son at the time, according to the Boston Globe. She was dumbfounded at this discovery, but happy that he did the right thing.

When the fire department arrived, they congratulated the boys on their actions, and even posted about them on their Twitter page to show off the brave boys to the world.

And though this photo was taken shortly after the rescue, the two boys looked like they barely even broke a sweat.

This feat even turned them into local celebrities, as they found themselves on a local radio show talking about their heroics.

Karson & Kennedy Show.

Posted by Sehnaz Thompson on Friday, June 15, 2018

Bodie and Herman could’ve taken the time to go get an adult once they saw the man drowning, but who knows if the outcome would’ve been different had that happened.

It turns out that them taking control of the situation was the right thing to do. Should these boys ever return to Walden Pond in the future, at least the other people enjoying the lake know they’re in good hands should they get into trouble.