Young boy stranded in the mountains was rescued by heroic dog

July 3, 2017 11:56 am Last Updated: July 3, 2017 11:56 am


It almost seems like a movie, or the plot of a novel. This young boy was stranded in the woods — but a heroic dog named Max came to his rescue.

Juan Heriberto Trevino, 14, was attending summer camp at the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range in Mexico. One day, he had gone off by himself to search for firewood, and got separated from his group.

While wandering through the woods, Trevino tripped into a ravine and collided with a tree, before falling into a dry riverbed.

Things seemed bleak — though not seriously injured, he had no idea where to go. Little did Trevino know, he was not alone.

Max, a Labrador retriever and the camp “mascot”, had been following the boy since he left. For the next 44 hours, Max remained by Trevino’s side until they were finally rescued.

It’s a scary experience, being stranded in the mountains overnight, not knowing where to go. However, having Max by his side provided the boy with comfort.

“I grabbed [Max] and put him on my legs to not be so cold and hugged the dog,” Trevino told Noticieros Televisa, a Spanish-language website.

Max even made sure the boy stayed hydrated, by leading him to a puddle from which they could drink and quench their thirst.

The next day, Max and Trevino continued to wander the terrain, but had no success in finding their way back to the camp. Luckily, they came across a cabin, whose inhabitants took care of them until they were discovered by the rescue crew.

Despite being malnourished and fatigued, Trevino was otherwise physically unharmed. Thankfully, he had Max by his side. He is now back with his family, who couldn’t be more grateful that their son had the dog’s company.

Top Image Credit: Proteccion Civil Galeana NL & RDTV / Facebook