You can’t sit here — restaurant honors the fallen

September 14, 2017 2:56 pm Last Updated: September 14, 2017 2:56 pm

When police officers or armed service personnel lose their lives in the course of duty, it’s a tragic reminder of the risk they take to protect us every day. The Texas Roadhouse is one restaurant that takes honoring those who serve us seriously, with simple yet poignant acts of remembrance.

When five police officers in Dallas, Texas, were killed by snipers last year, a Texas branch of the restaurant chain reserved one of its tables just for them.

It was a table of honor.

The white linen-covered table was set for five people and behind it hung the US flag and the flag of Texas. A note set in a frame explained the reason why no guests could sit at that table that evening.

Restaurant employee Brennon King posted a photo of the table on Twitter, saying 10% of all sales would go towards the Assist the Officer Foundation, which is run by the Dallas Police Association.

Other branches of the restaurant did the same.

(Facebook/Ohio Going Blue)

A photo posted on the Ohio Going Blue Facebook page of quickly went viral, with over 20,000 likes.
Giving up a table for a night is a big sacrifice for a busy restaurant, so is true honor and show of respect to the officers.

It’s a simple way to remember those who serve and protect.

As it turns out, the restaurant often honors current and past military veterans as well, setting a table aside for Veteran’s Day.

They also offer veterans and serving military personnel a regular 10% discount on their meals to show their appreciation for their hard work and sacrifices — and a free meal on Veteran’s Day.

Their patrons have been impressed with the heartfelt respect the restaurant has made to honor the fallen.