World’s Heaviest Woman Weighs a Whopping 765Lbs—But When BF Proposes, She Makes Huge Changes

June 6, 2018 9:55 am Last Updated: June 6, 2018 9:55 am

For many of the world’s morbidly obese, a sense of overwhelming fear at attempting to get their life back under control can be a huge factor in their snowballing weight gains.

Many go from being simply overweight or obese to dangerously heavy when fear that the weight won’t go away is coupled with things like depression, anxiety, or health-related housebound factors caused by their first gains.

Charity Pierce had always been on the heavier side, but an injury while attempting to lose weight exercising left the woman bedridden and ballooning. She went from the 200-pound range up to over 700 lbs, making her one of the heaviest women alive and causing severe health concerns.

For Pierce, though, love was the breaking point: in order to qualify for gastric bypass surgery and finally lose some weight ahead of her wedding, she hoped to get her weight down by 200lbs.

It certainly wasn’t easy. The overly obese woman dropped from 10,000 calories a day to just 1,200, and exercised as much as her body would permit from her wheelchair.

Her first four weeks of lifestyle changes only resulted in 22 lbs dropped, but Pierce insisted that the motivation from her future husband—and her daughter, Charly—were enough to keep making progress.

And sure enough, Pierce managed to get the job done. Now, she and her daughter live in Houston, where she continues treatments to help her lose the rest of the weight she needs—and where her daughter is starting to work on her own weight problems as well. That’s motivation!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Barcroft