Woman who went missing Christmas morning is found—but cops caught off guard at who she came with

December 29, 2017 2:00 pm Last Updated: December 29, 2017 2:00 pm

Police feared the worst when a woman went missing on Christmas morning. What is supposed to be a time of family togetherness quickly started to look like a tragedy.

In Bloomington, Illinois, 53-year-old Carmon Edwards went missing. Family was expecting her to arrive at their home to celebrate the holiday, but she never turned up.

After hours went by without being able to reach her, they grew concerned. Edwards, may be in the beginning phases of mental decline, police said, and they feared the worst.

The conditions on the roads were treacherous as the temperatures hovered around 0-degrees Fahrenheit. Her family contacted the police who began searching for her immediately.

Cameron Edwards, a 53-year-old woman, went missing on Christmas morning. Police began searching for her immediately.

(Facebook/City of Bloomington — Police)

Her family and the local police department launched an extensive social media campaign. They posted photos of her and her car so that locals would know what to look for.

After two days, the likelihood of finding her was beginning to fade. Police feared the worst, but were hoping for a Christmas miracle. The family was in despair, but still confident that Edwards would come home safely.

Meanwhile, approximately 80 miles away in a town called Mattoon, a man that WCIA identifies only as a “good Samaritan” attempted to look after the cold, disoriented woman.

While family members and police searched frantically for Edwards, a “good Samaritan” took the woman to get breakfast, then took her home.

(Facebook/City of Bloomington)

Edwards had gotten lost while driving on the expressway to visit her family on Christmas morning. She likely became confused and unable to get to her intended destination.

For unknown reasons, she ended up stranded on the streets of Mattoon. A local man spotted her the following morning, wandering through a parking lot in the dangerously cold weather, and asked her if she needed help.

Not knowing she was a missing person, he took her for breakfast at a nearby restaurant, the Herald and Review reported, then he offered her shelter in his home until things could be sorted out further.

She remained at the man’s home until Wednesday morning when he saw a news report saying that Edwards was a missing person. He drove her to the police station right away.

MISSING PERSON **Located** – Found by a Good Samaritan On Wednesday, December 27, 2017, at approximately 12:50 p.m.,…

Posted by City of Bloomington – Police on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Police found Edwards’ car on Wednesday morning and said everything was in order. There was no evidence of foul play, and they have concluded that nothing criminal took place.

“He wasn’t a creepy guy,” Bloomington Police Detective Jeff Engle told the Journal Star.

“There aren’t many good Samaritans like that. It gives you faith in humanity when someone would take you in when it’s zero degrees out. We need more people like that. He is just a very, very great man.”

The good Samaritan walked Edwards into the police station and answered all of the questions he was asked. After concluding their investigation, police have decided that Edwards simply took the wrong expressway exit.

“It looks like she went the wrong way on I-74,” her daughter, Lindsay Edwards said. “She is truly confused.”

Regarding the missing person posting, Mrs. Edwards has been located and she is safe. Thanks to everyone who responded and assisted us in helping Mrs. Edwards and her family.

Posted by City of Mattoon, Illinois – Police Department on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The man who saved Edwards from the cold has asked not to be identified. “He doesn’t want any limelight,” said detective Engle. But that hasn’t stopped family members from thanking him.

“We are so relieved that she is safe and sound,” said her daughter. “We will forever be grateful to the gentleman that found her and made sure she was safe and out of the cold.”

Police are happy with the outcome, too. More times than not, they see stories like this end in tragedy.

“It was a great relief,” said Detective Engle. “It could’ve ended in the worst way, but we got the best way. It was awesome.”

Edwards was reunited with her family, who are all very grateful they will be ringing in the new year together.