Woman walking dogs in woods becomes injured and stranded — but dogs keep her alive for 3 days

December 4, 2017 6:14 pm Last Updated: December 4, 2017 6:15 pm

Annette Poitras just wanted to take her dogs on a walk one day in November. She didn’t think it would turn into a fight for survival.

Being a dogwalker, she was on a walk in a forest in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

(Facebook/Annette’s Doggie Daycare)

This is where the accident happened. Annette slipped and fell, and she suffered a bad injury to her leg.

Along with that, she lost her cell phone on the drop, which means she was completely on her own with her three dogs. Under normal circumstances, it would’ve looked bleak for poor Annette.

But the dogs wouldn’t leave her there to die.

(Facebook/Annette’s Doggie Daycare)

The three dogs were determined to keep her alive until help came to them. They gave themselves roles as her primary caretakers—one dog would stand guard over the area, one would look for food, and one would cuddle with Annette to keep her warm in the rainy weather.

One of the dogs taught her something too. The dog had made a hole in the ground to sleep in order to be more comfortable, and Annette did the exact same thing.

The dogs turned a near-hopeless situation into one of survival.

(CTV News/Screenshot)

Three days later, while still in the forest, she saw a helicopter flying above them. Knowing this was her chance to be rescued, she knew she had to get its attention.

“She crawled to a place where there was no branches … her knees are all bruised from crawling through the dirt,” Marcel, Annette’s husband, told Global News. Once she started waving her jacket around, the helicopter passengers saw her.

After three long days, Annette and the dogs were rescued.

(CTV News/Screenshot)

Marcel and a team of almost 100 people, filled with volunteers and rescue workers, had searched endlessly for her during those entire three days. Finding her was a miracle in itself, because it could have turned out a lot worse.

With no phone and an injured leg, Annette still survived along with the help of some very brave dogs. When seeing stories like this, it’s hard to not say that dog is truly man’s best friend!

(Via Global News & YouTube)