Woman wakes up from a coma and is shocked to discover she has a ‘new’ husband

She suffered severe memory loss and had forgotten that her first husband died long ago, and that she'd been married to her second husband for 17 years.
July 7, 2018 11:49 am Last Updated: July 7, 2018 11:49 am

Relationships take a lot of hard work. True love is about commitment and trust which is built up over months and years.

But what happens when all of that suddenly vanishes, and you have to rebuild your relationship from square one? That’s the unusual situation one couple found themselves in—but discovered a surprising upside.

Five years ago, Angela Hartung, from New York, was in a serious accident: she was struck by a car while crossing an NYC intersection.

Angela was in a coma for a month afterwards—and when she woke up, she had a devastating side-effect.

She suffered severe memory loss, forgetting decades of her life.

“I do not remember anything at all,” Angela told CBS Evening News. “I asked for my two children, I thought they were like 2 and 8 years old. They were 17 and 23 years old.”

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She was stuck in the past—so it must’ve come as a huge shock when she woke up and discovered she had a new husband.

Angela’s first husband died long ago, and she’d been married to her second husband Jeff Hartung for 17 years.

Though when she woke up, she had absolutely no memory of their relationship.

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While it was heartbreaking to learn that all of their memories together were lost on Angela, Jeff was determined to get his wife back—even if that meant winning her over all over again.

Jeff stayed with her and reminded her of their life together.

He started “courting” his wife again, never leaving her side. He filled their home with pictures—wedding photos and old family snapshots, hoping to jog her memory or at least show her the life they had.

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It’s been a long and sometimes painful process—but with patience, over the years Jeff and Angela have fallen in love all over again.

While the injury and trauma were tragic, Jeff says they’ve found a silver lining, reaffirming their love for each other.

“How many times have we said, ‘I wish I could go back and do something over again?'” Jeff said. “I’ve gotten to do that.”

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And as this dark chapter in their lives reaches a happy ending, the rekindled couple recently celebrated in the best way:

They got remarried in Central Park!

Jeff and Angela renewed their vows, surrounded by family and friends.

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It’s an unbelievable true story that feels like something out of a movie. True love conquers all, even severe amnesia.

“I honestly believe that this happened for a reason,” Jeff told CBS.