Women spends seven hours at the salon, leaves looking like a completely different person

August 2, 2017 4:31 pm Last Updated: August 2, 2017 4:31 pm

Hairstylists and makeup artists often appear to be magicians. How else could we explain some of the dramatic transformations we see on social media? Of course, the truth is that some of these artists are just really talented and dedicated to their craft. But that doesn’t mean their work is any less amazing.

Jeremy Hartfield and Sara Pestella are clearly two of these artists. One day a woman walked into a salon in Destin, Florida, where Hartfield and Pestella worked as stylists. The woman said she needed some help, because she was going to get married in a few months and needed a makeover.

When Holly walked into the salon, the stylists knew this was going to be a challenge.

(Source: Facebook/Modern Salon)

Holly worked as a security guard at a local plantation and had not paid much attention to her hair in a long time. She reportedly went several years without cutting it, and as a result it was about waist length with varying shades of brown and blonde from previous dye jobs.

“She always felt like she needed to keep her hair long because of what her dad said: that a woman must have long hair or she wouldn’t be pretty without it,” Pestella told Modern Salon.

The stylists at the salon had a tough task in front of them, but they were willing to show they were up to the task. And from 7 p.m. until a shocking 2 a.m., a team of stylists worked their magic and completely transformed Holly.

Between a haircut, color, and makeup, the makeover took seven hours.

Hartfield started off the transformation by giving Holly a haircut, one that would leave her with significantly less hair. Before her haircut Holly’s hair was several feet long, after, it barely fell below her shoulders.

(Source: Instagram/jeremyhartfield)

Next came the four step coloring process, which was led by Pestella.  Don’t be fooled though, each step required Holly’s hair to be either rinsed or dried after the color was applied and although her hair was much shorter, which means less time to dry, the entire process still took all night to complete.

Once her hair was cut and colored, it was time for makeup.

(Source: Instagram/jeremyhartfield)

By the end of the evening Holly looked like a completely different person.

“No kidding this transformation was indeed overnight,” Pestella joked about how long it took. “Holly feels beautiful in her own skin.”

(Source: Instagram/jeremyhartfield)

And lucky for Holly not only did she get to leave the salon with a new look for her wedding, but according to Pestella the owners of the salon told Holly she could come back for an entire year to maintain her haircut and color absolutely free.

(Source: Instagram/jeremyhartfield)