Woman turned her house into a massive no-kill cat sanctuary where 1000 cats freely roam

"I like cats because they're independent, they're just graceful, they're beautiful"
July 8, 2018 1:53 pm Last Updated: July 8, 2018 1:53 pm

The term “cat lady” is a thing for a reason—some people just really like to be surrounded by felines.

But for Lynea Lattanzio, having cats all around became a huge passion more than anything else.

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The 67-year-old woman is a veterinarian technician who also runs a kitty sanctuary called The Cat House on the Kings, a non-profit organization that survives solely on donations.

One would assume that one woman wouldn’t have the time or patience to deal with too many cats—the number of kitties her place has is pretty stunning.

According to Lattanzio herself, she’s at the top of the list of “eccentric cat ladies.”

As of right now, her place is the largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary in California.

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“I like cats because they’re independent, they’re just graceful, they’re beautiful,” Lattanzio said.

However, cats weren’t always at the forefront of her life. A divorce back in 1981 took a toll on the woman, and she found herself moving to a place in California, with a whole six acres.

“What was I thinking, single woman with no children living in a big house on six acres?” Lattanzio thought to herself at the time.

But what she didn’t realize at the time was that everything happens for a reason.

One day in 1992, her father asked if she could help with finding a cat for him to replace two that had just passed away.

The next thing she knew, the woman was bringing back home 15 kittens.

And by the end of that year, she had taken in almost 100 homeless cats. It’s obvious that she never minded large numbers of cats from the very start.

This is where her large amount of property came into play, as her land was more than spacious enough for the cats she would take in.

When she first started to run The Cat House on the Kings as a sanctuary, she found out it the hard way that it would be a lot more expensive than expected.

She used retirement money, and money from selling her car and wedding ring to fund the place.

And once the floods of cats arrived, they didn’t stop coming.

It got to the point where she had to move out of the property she was living on, and into a different, smaller home; the giant property became solely dedicated to the animals.

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Today there are more than 700 cats and kittens at the sanctuary.

Lattanzio works with a staff full of cat-lovers to feed and care for the felines; they come in as early as 4 a.m. to feed all of the cats. Vet technicians are on the staff as well.

The cat-proof fencing around the land allows all of the animals to roam freely around the place, which is borderline-necessary given how many cats are present at any given time.

In the 26 years it has been active, the sanctuary has housed over 30,000 cats and 7,100 dogs.

However, Lattanzio doesn’t plan on keeping all of them—the goal has always been to find these cats a forever home.

“If you are interested in adopting, just go to our website.” Lattanzio said. “There’s 500 of them that are friendly, and ready to go.”

So if you’re in the California area, and looking for a cat, you should look no further than Lattanzio’s place. There’s probably at least one cat for everyone in the army that lives there.

Go here to learn more about The Cat House on the Kings.