Woman thought her father was dead until she got back her DNA results

Even though this is the first time they've met, the love seems to already be there
June 29, 2018 6:22 pm Last Updated: June 29, 2018 6:22 pm

Many of us try to get the best Father’s Day gifts possible for our fathers. But it’s going to be hard to top this gift, which has decades of history behind it.

With DNA testing being the craze nowadays, it’s no surprise that Missouri woman Tiffany Dow received a test as a 2017 Christmas gift from her boyfriend.

(Facebook / Tiffany Whalen-Dow)

Most of us pretty much know the extent of our heritage by the time we’re adults, but Dow was never told too much about hers. Still, she probably wasn’t expecting anything too shocking.

It turns out the complete opposite happened.

The test told her she was half Armenian, but Dow knew her mother didn’t have Armenian in her.

At a young age, Dow was led to believe that her supposed biological father had passed away, and he apparently had blonde hair and blue eyes.

This seemed a bit sketchy to her given that his “children,” including Dow, all have both dark hair and eyes.

Upon realizing this, she called her mother to tell her the results. Dow demanded her to explain this, and the mom wanted to have a talk in-person about it.

“I said ‘No, we’re not doing this. You’re telling me now,'” Dow said to her mother, according to the Tri-City Herald.

Dow was not playing any games, and her mother obliged.

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Dow was told that her biological father might actually be alive.

The mother claimed that she only knew that his name was David Davidian, and he lived in Fresno, California.

From this point on, Dow herself did all of the research.

She was able to locate the man’s LinkedIn, and had no trouble waiting until the first five minutes of his business’s business hours to call him the next morning.

And when she called, she immediately hit the hard questions.

“My name is Tiffany. Have you ever been to Missouri?” Dow said right after her greeting.

Davidian told her that he did during a road trip in the 1970’s, which is exactly what Dow’s mother told her.

After more talking, there was no more doubt about their relationship.

Without wasting too much time, they decided to meet in person.

On video, we see her meeting Davidian for the first time in decades, on Father’s Day of all days.

(Facebook / The Fresno Bee)

It’s safe to say that Davidian wasn’t expecting this type of gift on the holiday.

“We have so many similarities,” Dow said.

The two were surprised by their similar appearances and personality traits. Dow even claims that she sees the man in her own children.

And at the same time, Davidian knew something like this was coming.

(Facebook / The Fresno Bee)

He claimed that not long before he got her call, he was reading a Bible verse pertaining to miracles.

And truth be told, his prayers were answered.

“I prayed if there’s something or someone who needs friendship or attention, I don’t just walk by it, I show up,” he said.

Based on both of their accounts, it seems like destiny that these two were able to find each other. The man claims that because of this, he feels “100% whole” for the very first time.

Though they have a lot of catching up to do, Dow believes that this was “God’s timing,” and it looks like this couldn’t have come at a better time for both of them.

Woman visits Fresno dad she didn't know she had for Father's Day

Tiffany Dow, who lives near Kansas City, Missouri, found the dad she didn't know she had after taking a DNA test. She learned her real dad is likely Doug Davidian of Fresno, CA. She flew into Fresno for a Father's Day visit.

Posted by The Fresno Bee on Sunday, June 17, 2018