Woman thought her checkbook was gone for good—until a grocery clerk does some detective work

December 29, 2017 12:58 pm Last Updated: December 29, 2017 12:58 pm

It can be frustrating to lose a personal item right when you have no hope of finding it. But as one woman from Plainfield, Indiana, recently discovered, not everything lost is gone for good—as long as it’s found by the right person.

Kim Christopher was shopping for groceries at her local Kroger supermarket last month, and brought along her checkbook for payment. She got her groceries, but upon returning home she discovered that the checkbook was missing.

(RTV6 The Indy Channel/Screenshot)

Christopher looked everywhere for it. Shortly before the holiday shopping season, losing that checkbook was frustrating.

“I really thought I lost it in the trash,” she told RTV6. “[I] tore up my office, my house, my car apart.” 

“Couldn’t find it anywhere so I gave up.”

(RTV6 The Indy Channel/Screenshot)

Even if somebody did find the checkbook, there was no phone number, so the finder wouldn’t be able to contact Christopher.

Or so she thought.

But then, a Kroger employee named Kristie Polson happened to be looking through the store’s lost and found box when she discovered Christopher’s checkbook. However, there was no identification card or phone number to reach her by.

There was, however, a business card—for a hair dresser.

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So Polson, determined to track down the owner, called up the hair dresser’s number and let them know that she had Christopher’s checkbook. The hair dresser then called Christopher and told her the good news.

Finally, Christopher was reunited with her checkbook, just before Christmas.

I couldn’t believe it!” she said.

(RTV6 The Indy Channel/Screenshot)

Polson was glad her simple act of kindness meant so much to this stranger, especially right before the holidays.

But for her, this wasn’t extraordinary behavior—she’s gone above and beyond to help customers before. She once returned a wallet by delivering it to the person’s house.

“I was very overwhelmed,” she told RTV6.

“It makes my heart very happy to be able to help people.”

Polson and Christopher met for the first time on Christmas Eve. Christopher thanked the clerk for her consideration and the two hugged, solidifying a new friendship brought together by fate.

(RTV6 The Indy Channel/Screenshot)