Woman suffering from vicious cyber-bullying decides to take matters into her own hands

"I had to make a choice, and I decided not to let her get away with this."
November 27, 2017 8:42 am Last Updated: November 27, 2017 9:13 am

As if life wasn’t complicated enough, these days we also have to worry about the internet. And no, I don’t mean finding WiFi while you’re out, or whether you win your eBay auction. Instead, these days the internet has seeped into our real lives in a more sinister way. And unfortunately, one woman found out the hard way.

One day, she discovered, to her horror, that another person was waging an all-out war against her. She was called horrible names and even had people show up at her house. She did not even know the reason why. Shockingly, however, when she contacted police to end the harassment and attacks against her there was nothing they could do.

So, she took matters into her own hands and stopped this cyberbully once and for all.

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz was taken completely by surprise when the online harassment began.


It began in September 2014 when Long Island resident-Lisa-Michelle Kucharz started receiving hateful messages on social media, according to Newsday.

“It was horrific,” Kucharz told CBS2 News.

But it did not end there. Instead, it only escalated. Soon after the insults began, Kucharz found that there were dummy accounts of her on social media that smeared her character. And not just one account, either, four dozen in total.

“She not only published my address, but she told people to go there,” Kucharz told CBS2 News. “She said I was a prostitute.”

Kucharz was initially, and understandably, confused. Not only were the remarks posted about her hurtful, but she had no idea why someone was going out of their way to call her such foul names.

Unfortunately, the abuse only escalated.


Her internet stalker turned to real-life stalking and she began leaving threatening voice messages on Kucharz’s phone.

“This broke me,” Kucharz told CBS2 News. “She not only threatened to call my employer, my friends and family, she actually did.”

At this point, Kucharz had enough. She turned to the police to finally get this person to stop and face justice.

But she was in for disappointment. Police began an investigation but they soon discovered a problem—the bully lived in a different country and their jurisdiction did not allow them to pursue the matter further.

All hope seemed lost, but Kucharz was not about to give up.

“I had to make a choice, and I decided not to let her get away with this,” Kucharz told CBS2 News.

So, she hired a private investigator who specialized in tracking down people online. The investigator soon discovered Kucharz’s cyberbully’s identity.

Her bully was Dion Tyson from Ontaria, Canada. Kucharz had never met her. However, it turns out that Tyson was dating a man whom Kucharz had previously, but very briefly, dated in the past. That was the cause of her vendetta.

“If you harm someone online, at the end of the day, you will be caught.”


Once she discovered her bully’s identity, justice came swiftly. In October this year, Tyson was sentenced to six months in prison and a two-year ban from using the internet. It was, as CBS2 News reported, one of the first instances of jail-time being sentenced to a cyberbully.

In all, Kucharz spent $35,000 to find her bully, but despite the large sum Kucharz is well satisfied with the result.

“If you harm someone online, at the end of the day, you will be caught,” Kucharz told CBS2 News.