Woman Suffering From 15 Diseases Adopts Dog With the Same Problems

“She has heat intolerance, I have heat intolerance. She needs to know when to rest and when to take a break, and me too”
July 10, 2018 11:19 am Last Updated: July 10, 2018 11:19 am

Being sick is just the worst! Your body feels awful, you don’t have the energy to do anything, and you may find yourself making trips to the bathroom every five minutes.

Worse still is when you get hit with a serious bug that lasts for a week or longer. Being out of commission for one day is bad enough, but a whole week is just misery!

Still, you’ve likely never been as sick as Courtney Thompson, who has wrestled with over 15 autoimmune diseases for many years. Making it through something like that takes a lot of strength—and perhaps a fuzzy companion by your side.

Courtney Thompson fosters dogs to occupy her time while she’s at home sick.


To say that Thompson has been sick for a long time would be an understatement. She’s been battling these diseases ever since high school.

These debilitating conditions have forced her to stay home at nearly all times, which can get rather boring. That’s why, for the past six years, she has been fostering dogs to keep herself busy.

While she had fostered hundreds of animals in the past, she didn’t end up adopting one until she met Indigo. Upon first glance, the then 5-month-old pup seemed no different from any other dog.

Thompson took care of her for about a week before she had to be returned to the shelter for a doctor’s appointment.

“They told us that she had a heart murmur but we didn’t know how severe it was,” Thompson told Soulmates.

As it turned out, Indigo’s condition was VERY serious.

She fostered one dog named Indigo who had heart problems just like her.

According to Thompson’s GoFundMe page, Indigo has “severe subaortic stenosis secondary to fibrous circumferential subvalvular ring.” In other words, she has major heart problems just like Thompson.

When they first received news, the shelter thought that it would be best for them to put Indigo down, thinking that nobody would want a dog with a condition like hers.

“She has troubles with her heart, I have troubles with mine,” Thompson said. “She has heat intolerance, I have heat intolerance. She needs to know when to rest and when to take a break, and me too.”

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Yet Thompson proved them wrong. She wanted Indigo and was even willing to edit a video of the dog acting like her happy playful self to convince the shelter to change its stance.

“If you met [Indigo], you wouldn’t know anything’s wrong with her, which is why I fought so hard to keep her alive because … same thing here,” Thompson said.

Fortunately, the shelter staff changed their tune rather quickly after learning Thompson wanted to adopt. The video never had to be used for its intended purpose.

Thompson adopted Indigo and now the two of them are inseparable.

Adopting Indigo gave Thompson a new sense of purpose in life. On days when she’s feeling down, she focuses on making Indigo happy which, in turn, makes her content.

“I’m always focused on giving her love, snuggling her, and making sure she’s happy,” she said.

With Indigo by her side, Thompson is getting full nights of sleep and becoming more social.

“She gets me out of bed, not — not exactly out into the world but out of my bedroom and out of isolation,” she said.

Prior to adopting Indigo, Thompson had never really understood the phrase “man’s best friend” but now…

“I finally get… what dog lovers are saying, what people all over the world are preaching about,” she said. “… we’re like two peas in a pod!”