Woman starts discovering random cash hidden in her home. But when she asks—reply is unexpected

"I cried all over it."
February 4, 2018 4:32 pm Last Updated: February 4, 2018 4:32 pm

Grandparents are some of the sweetest people in the world—because they’re totally unafraid to spoil their kids and grandkids rotten.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fiscally generous grandparent, you’ve probably received some extra cash from grandma—even if it’s not your birthday or a holiday—just to use for fun.

But one grandpa has taken the art of giving cash to his family to an art form.

An Imgur user named “somebodysmama” recently shared the story, where it’s quickly gone viral. She’s a mother of young kids herself, and her own father lives nearby and frequently visits.

But whenever grandpa stops by, his daughter notices some cash hidden around the house … in the most unusual places:


He never tells her when he’s leaving money—so it’s always a total surprise when she finds it.

“He started doing this because I wouldn’t accept his money when he would come to my house for dinner,” she explained.


Whenever she texts her dad about this mysterious money, he plays it super cool 😎


He’s also gotten pretty creative with his hiding spots:


The father and daughter have always maintained a close relationship. He’s listed in her phone as “aaaMyFather” because he’s one of her emergency medical contacts, since she suffers from a seizure disorder.

“He raised five kids alone while my mom was sick,” she wrote. “Now his grand babies are his entire world.”

“He’s the best papa.”


But this grandpa wasn’t always as generous with his cash—because he simply didn’t have enough to go around.

“He worked very hard to provide for the five of us all alone,” his daughter wrote. “We never did without, but we were quite poor. I remember he tried to buy me some gifts for my high school graduation, but his credit card was declined.

“He gave me a paper card instead and wrote inside all the things he wished he could buy for me. I cried all over it.”

“He now makes double what he used to, and spoils all of us ridiculously. His heart is so huge and kind.”


And even when he’s not giving cash, he’s always giving love and encouragement:


And even though he’s now internet-famous, he’s still staying humble: