Woman saw a crowd gathering around a storm drain—but what was inside was ridiculous

At first, nobody couldn't figure out how they got in there.
December 6, 2017 12:01 pm Last Updated: December 6, 2017 12:01 pm

Littleton, Colorado is a quiet town. The family-friendly neighborhood doesn’t see much crime, and so anything that involves to the police is going to catch the eye. When a number of officers were gathered around a storm drain, one local resident was concerned.

“Oh no, my dogs are out again,” she thought. But then she reasoned that her dogs couldn’t be the cause of the stir. There was no way they could fit inside of a storm drain. The fact that there were three of them made it seem even more unlikely. She turned the key to her house, had a look around, and realized her three dogs were gone.

All three dogs, Mastiffs, were stuck in a tiny storm drain near their home. At first, nobody couldn’t figure out how they got in there.

(Facebook/Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department)

The pups have been known to wander away from home.

But Daisy, Max, and Oso all weigh well over 100 pounds—how did they get in the storm drain?


The family is certain that Daisy led the other two goofballs out of the yard for an unauthorized excursion. After the police got on the scene, the determined that the dogs wandered into a nearby culvert, according to a Facebook post made by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

“Dogs are funny and curious creatures who love exploring,” the post read.

(Facebook/Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department)

All three have distinct personalities, but Daisy is the undisputed leader.

“Daisy is the escape artist,” said one of the children affectionately.

“Max is like the shyest, he’s the most calm. Oso, he’s kind of the crazy one. Like the typical little kid,” one the children said. “Daisy? She’s so mischievous,” added their mother.

The police phoned emergency rescue services who were able to get the dogs out of the drain quickly and without injury.


(Facebook/Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department)


The rescue team was able to simply lift the manhole cover and pull the dogs out. Everyone was happy the dogs were in perfect order, but the police warned the owner it might not turn out as well next time. They encouraged her purchase licenses for her dogs, which she was glad to do.

The family is also taking measures to make sure Daisy isn’t able to lead another jailbreak.

“They’re just the sweetest things,” their owner said. The family added they would be devastated if anything ever happened to their precious pups.

Because of their ability to rescue the pups quickly, safely, and with compassion, PETA is honoring both the Sheriff’s Office and Fire Rescue with awards.

“These big dogs were in big trouble, but these police officers and firefighters worked quickly to get them to safety,” says PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien. The Sheriff’s Office and Fire Department will each receive a framed certificate thanking them for their efforts, among other gifts.

“Whether you have four legs or two, we’ll be here if you need us,” reads the Facebook post made by the police department.