Beloved dog given away after her parent’s divorced—10 years later she spots dog on street

August 31, 2017 3:01 pm Last Updated: December 22, 2017 1:52 pm


If you’ve spent any amount of time online you’ve probably read your fair share of reunion stories and while many occasionally make us shed a tear, this one made us shed more than a few tears. This reunion between a young woman and her pup is so doggone cute.

Growing up Kate Griffin and her sister had an adorable little cockapoo named Cami. They adored Cami and couldn’t imagine life without her, until one day Griffin’s parents got a divorce. Her parents decided that their decision to have joint custody of Griffin and her sister was too hard on Cami.

“We were totally blindsided, but my mom said it was for the best,” Griffin told New York Magazine.

Rather than give the dog away to a stranger, Griffin’s mom let the family babysitter take Cami in. Although the girls were upset about not being able to see their dog all the time, they still occasionally got to visit her. Then, their babysitter had to give Cami away.

“It was so devastating,” Griffin told The Dodo.

Their former babysitter made the decision to give Cami to a home that would be able to provide her with all of the love and attention she deserved.

Griffin and her sister never saw Cami again.

As the years went by, the sisters thought about their cockapoo often and eventually she became a childhood memory. Until one day when Griffin was walking through her neighborhood and spotted a small caramel-colored dog.

“I instantly started looking at her,” she said.

In a post she shared on the Facebook page Dogspotting, Griffin recalls how she was walking down the street—in the neighborhood where she grew up and still lives—and thought she saw a familiar face.

She crossed the street to confirm her suspicions and when she asked the woman walking the small dog what the dog’s name was she couldn’t believe it.

“I froze. I just said, ‘Oh my god, I think that’s my dog. I think this is my dog,'” Griffin said to New York Magazine.

The pup across the street was Cami!

(Facebook/Kate Griffin‎)

Griffin shared her story about Cami with the woman walking the dog and the woman took a photo of the two and let Griffin walk “her” dog one last time.

For the now 24-year-old, who randomly ran into the dog she grew up with, the moment was especially emotional. She remarked to New York Magazine that in the near future she plans on moving out of the neighborhood where she grew up so the chances of seeing Cami again are very slim.

“I’m just happy I got to see her one last time,” she said.