Woman abandoned in a phone booth as a baby reunited with man who saved her 22 years later

June 12, 2017 4:39 pm Last Updated: June 12, 2017 4:39 pm


On April 30, 1994, Kiran Sheikh was left abandoned in a phone booth. Sheikh was only two hours old. Her mother, who was reportedly in an abusive relationship, left her newborn daughter in the phone booth in East London, England for Samaritans, a service that allows people to discuss any issues they may be going through with a supportive volunteer, to pick up.

However, before the volunteer arrived to pick up Sheikh, a passerby took a closer look at what he thought was a “bag of chips,” and called police when he discovered the little bundle was actually a baby.

Joe Campbell, the man who found her, instantly fell in love with her. Prior to handing her over to social services he was allowed to take a picture with her.

He even inquired about adopting her, but was not allowed to because at the time he was not married.


During the first several years after Campbell found Sheikh he would send gifts and birthday cards to social services to give to the little girl, but eventually social services requested he stop. But he never stopped thinking about her, and reportedly he told his five children Sheikh was their “adoptive sister.”

Twenty-two years after Sheikh was discovered in that phone booth, she decided to search for the man who discovered her. She tried getting information from social services, but was unsuccessful. All the information they had to share was that the man’s name was either John or Joe and his last name was Campbell. So, she appealed to the media for help.

The next day after the story was published in Metro, a colleague asked Campbell if the man in the story was him.


Initially Campbell denied it, but once he saw a picture of the girl, now a young woman, he knew the man mentioned in the article was him.

Shortly after the article was published, Metro arranged for Sheikh and Campbell to meet in their offices. Both were absolutely thrilled. “This is the happiest day of my life,’ Campbell told Metro. “I never stopped thinking about her. I never thought this day would come.”


To hear more about the story, watch the video below.

(H/T: Good News Network)