Piers Morgan tried bragging about working with broken ribs and the internet responded in the best way

September 5, 2017 2:25 pm Last Updated: September 5, 2017 2:25 pm


For those who are unaware, Piers Morgan is a British television personality who at times can be quite brash. When he’s not commenting on the latest controversial topic, he’s online creating his own stir.

On August 29th, Morgan tweeted that he had fallen and as a result broken three of his ribs. A few days later he sent out another tweet, this time announcing that he’d be returning to his co-hosting job with three broken ribs.

Morgan’s initial tweet drew relatively little response.

This time the Internet did not show any sympathy towards Morgan. Perhaps it was because he told “fragile snowflakes” to man up.

Co-hosting a morning show with three broken ribs is hardly considered “manning up.”

The tweet announcing his return to television received far more reactions. And as you can probably guess very few felt bad for the television personality.

Two people’s responses caught our eye and if there was an award for the best tweets, we’d give it to them.

Dane Rauschenberg responded with images of people who overcame challenges while competing in marathons.


Dane Rauschenberg contributed several tweets to the long thread of messages. Rauschenberg, who writes in his Twitter bio that he ran 52 marathons in 52 weekends, shared photos of individuals who completed marathons, a 100 km race, and obstacle course races with a more significant injury than a few broken ribs.

Most of his tweets received triple the amount of reactions than Morgan’s cry for attention.

Although Morgan probably thought co-hosting with broken ribs was tough, another Twitter user clapped back and as a result started a trend among other users.

She put Morgan in his place with her tweet.

The young woman responded to Morgan’s “man up” comment with one of her own, “woman up.” And of course the Internet loved it.

Women began sharing instances when they had to “woman up” in order to get something done. They shared times when they went to school even while undergoing chemotherapy or gave birth and then within a few hours went back home to care for their other children. Each tweet was just as inspiring as the last.

It’s time to woman up, not man up.