Woman rescued foal, but forced to give him up — 14 years later she sees something in the newspaper

December 23, 2017 6:07 pm Last Updated: December 23, 2017 6:07 pm

Christine Sullivan always had dreams of becoming a horse rider. As a child she hoped that one day she’d own a horse of her own to ride around, learning and practicing her craft along the way.

These thoughts are what led her to attend a certain sale, where various horses were available for purchase. Unsure of what breed or gender to buy, one horse in particular caught her eye.

She noticed a horse that needed a lot of care.

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Studying the 6-month-old carefully, Sullivan noticed that it appeared to be underweight and looked to be dealing with a serious hernia. Concerned for it, Sullivan knew right away that this horse was the one she needed to get, as she wanted to rehabilitate it, and nurture it back to proper health. In the future, she figured it might make for a nice pet and a gentle companion.

The horse was named Flynn.

Working with Flynn, Sullivan took pride in helping him heal. Soon he had grown into a proper, healthy horse.

But he needed more.

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Upon trying to ride Flynn, Sullivan noticed that he disliked people being on his back. This would lead to him at times acting erratically and unpredictable. Despite having grown very fond of Flynn, Sullivan knew that she couldn’t properly train him.

So she made the decision to give him to Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Redwings is an organization that takes horses in and ensures that they receive proper training in accordance with their needs and restrictions. After getting acquainted with Flynn, the organization offered to take him in for life, which Sullivan decided to accept. Bidding a sad farewell to Flynn, Sullivan was at peace thinking the horse she’d raised would have a wonderful home.

She thought she would never see Flynn again.

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14 years passed and Sullivan was reading a newspaper article when she spotted a familiar face. It was the very horse that she had raised all those years ago.

“When I saw the pictures in the article I was almost certain it was my Flynn,” Sullivan explained to Horse and Hound. “I sent pictures of the magazine article to my friends to see if they thought it was him too. It was the ears that did it; Flynn has such distinctive ears, one is half black and half white!”

Flynn was in the paper for serving as a “sight friend” to another horse who was blind. Sullivan was shocked to see how well he’d been doing.

She decided to pay a visit to her old friend.

(Redwings Horse Sanctuary/Facebook)

Making the trip back to the organization, Sullivan was emotional when she was reunited with Flynn. Commenting on seeing him again, she said she knew by seeing him doing so well that her efforts in caring for him was worth it.

“When I first rescued Flynn, I promised him I would never let anything bad happen to him ever again, and seeing him now, I can see that because of his life at Redwings and the wonderful care he has been given, that has come true,” Sullivan went on to say.

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