After recovering from injuries, she passes scene of bike accident—what’s on seat catches her eye

January 22, 2018 9:31 am Last Updated: January 22, 2018 9:31 am

It is amazing how being kind to someone can brighten up their day. A simple smile or words of inspiration to a stranger can definitely turn their frown upside down.

Around six months ago, 26-year-old Ruth Clark was riding her bike along the streets of east London when she was involved in an accident.

As she lay on the street, bleeding and with multiple broken bones, a multitude of strangers gathered around her to assist her.

“While I was lying on the road, covered in blood and bruises, and suffering broken bones, they were all looking after me,” Clark told HuffPost UK.

The strangers made sure she was comfortable during this painful time. One person gave her his yoga mat for her to lie on, and another person went home to get her blankets and pillow to make sure she was warm.

“One woman, Camila, came with me to the hospital and stayed with me again for almost an hour until my sister arrived,” she said.

Thanks to the compassion of the good Samaritans, Clark made it to the hospital and was treated for her injuries. She took two months to fully recover. Fast forward to January this year, and Clark decided it was time to start riding her bike to work every day again.

They do say things happen for a reason. On January 8, Clark decided to take the bus instead of riding her bike, but the bus stop was near to the scene of her accident. Being near that area could have brought back upsetting memories, but instead there was something there that made her smile.

Ruth saw a bouquet of flowers that had seemingly been abandoned on the seat at the bus stop. When she moved closer to the flowers she saw a hand-written note attached the bouquet.

“Hello! Yes, these flowers are for you!” the note read. “I’m leaving flowers in places and spaces around London to remind people that they are valued and extraordinary.

“These are yours to keep, or you can give them to someone else if you’d like to!” the note continued. “If you have the time, there’s a postcard in here addressed to me. I would love to hear about someone you think is extraordinary, someone who to you, is magic. Thanks and have a great day!”

She said in a tweet that the note and flowers “made my day/week/month/year/life! By ‘sharing’ I hope to be ‘giving’ them to anyone and everyone who needs some.”

She has written back to the anonymous flower-giver, a per the note’s instructions, but there’s no word yet on if she’s had a reply.

“This act of kindness was particularly important and touching as it brought back a lot of memories of the kindness strangers demonstrated in that moment on the same street just a few months ago,” Clark told HuffPost UK.

“I’ve been inspired to keep on being kind and I hope it inspires others to do the same, or at the very least be a little reminder for people in need of some positivity that there are people ready to show compassion and kindness, even if you don’t know them yet.”