Woman ‘Pierces’ Her Baby Daughter’s Cheek, Angering Many

July 3, 2017 5:35 pm Last Updated: July 4, 2017 10:32 am

In a now-viral photo, a woman’s picture of her child with a Photoshopped cheek piercing has enraged many of Facebook’s denizens.

Enedina Vance says she’s an activist against body alterations of children, including speaking out against piercing babies’ ears. “It should be each person’s choice what to do with their bodies. Not even your parents should be able to decide,” she told Yahoo News. It also is a reminder that people should read the entire message on a Facebook post before commenting.

The picture generated significant controversy on Facebook, with thousands of shares. “It looks so cute, right?!! I just know she’s gonna love it!! She’ll thank me when she’s older lol If she decides she doesn’t like it, she can just take it out, no big deal,” she wrote in an emoji-laden, hyperbolic Facebook post.

But not everyone read her entire comment, which included the hashtag “#sarcasm.”


Of the sarcasm, Vance said she “thought it was pretty obvious too, but there’s some pretty hateful people out there. I don’t think it really mattered if it was fake or not. They seem to be so angry, they’re just looking for someone to lash out at. Today, it was me.”

She elaborated to Yahoo on Facebook users’ extreme reactions.

“I can’t believe how many people actually believe my photo is real,” Vance added. “So many people are outraged at the thought of piercing my baby at such a young age, without her consent, and against her will. Yet, they don’t understand how other body mutilations, alterations, and modifications are the exact same thing for the exact same reason: aesthetic purposes.”