Woman “innocently” orders over 100 carpet swatches—when they arrive she’s in shock, but has a plan

January 26, 2018 2:26 pm Last Updated: January 26, 2018 3:56 pm

One person recently discovered that just because something is free it doesn’t mean you should take complete advantage of the offer.

Now that they are in possession of countless carpet swatches and only need a handful, the imgur user who first shared the photos plans to donate their stockpile to animal shelters and schools.

It all started with a small pile of carpet swatches.


The imgur user, RowdyMcMenace, shared that ordering the pieces of carpet started out “innocently.” During a 12-hour shift she was browsing Amazon and came across a feature that offered free swatches of carpet and fabric.

She had planned to use the carpet swatches to make a scratching post for her cats.

Once the first shipment arrived she opened the packages, but then realized the texture of some weren’t quite right for what she wanted.

She ordered more after being unsatisfied with the first shipment.


RowdyMcMenace works the night shift so when her second shipment arrived she was woken up by the delivery person and many, many more packages.

“I swear I didn’t realize I ordered this many and I thought they were all going to be small!!” she wrote on imgur.

The fabric varied in size from pieces no more than two inches to pieces that measured closer to a foot.

Swatches of carpet were everywhere.


At one point she had to enlist help from her boyfriend to open all of the packages.


Her cats seemed to approve of her “mistake.”


As RowdyMcMenace and her boyfriend continued to open each package it became quite clear that she went overboard.

Even if she built something for her cats there would still be some carpet leftover, so she decided to do some good.

RowdyMcMenace planned to use the carpet pieces to make something for her cats.


Any extra pieces she planned to donate.


“That’s actually my plan!!” she wrote after someone suggested she build cat scratchers and donate them to an animal shelter. “I’m keeping a few for my own projects and the rest will be donated to local animal shelters.”

So far she’s been able to donate 50 swatches and “an armload of smaller ones” to an animal shelter and plans to reach out to other shelters in her area.

At first the idea seemed fun, but looking back on it she probably wouldn’t do it again.


Although her action has drawn both criticism and praise, she shared that she learned her lesson and does not encourage anyone to do the same.

If you would like to donate to your local animal shelter it’s best to contact them first and see what they need.