Woman loses Navy husband to car crash out of the blue—weeks later, there’s more news from her doctor

"It's all happening REALLY fast"
November 9, 2017 6:15 pm Last Updated: November 12, 2017 11:45 am

Courtney Hill, a pretty blonde with hazel eyes, and her husband Brian, a retired decorated Navy corpsman who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait, fell in love during the snowstorm of 2011. The couple from Sherman, Texas, got married and had their adorable daughter Reagan, but knew they wanted their family to grow.

Brian Hill was working for a delivery company at that time, and before a long day of driving around the Oklahoma area the couple decided to take a pregnancy test that morning. They were saddened when they found out it was negative, but still were in good mood and looking forward to see each other in the evening. That day Brain, who was 40 at the time, died in an accident on the road.

Courtney was determined to stay brave and strong. But on the day of Brian’s wake—she just had this feeling.

That morning, she decided to take another pregnancy test; after all the couple had been trying to conceive for four months at that point.

Courtney said in an interview holding back her tears, “we’ve been trying to have another baby.”

So the recent widow was overly joyful when the little pink line showed up on the test. Courtney was indeed pregnant.

Tears were coming down her rosy cheeks as she was holding Brian’s hand for one last time during the wake. She would remember that moment for the rest of her life—and tell this little blessing she was carrying under her heart what a precious gift was given to her. She tenderly told her deceased husband that they were expecting another child!

Courtney’s feelings were a rollercoaster ride that day.

Her recent loss was still engraved into her heart, but at the same time she was so thankful to be blessed that way!

The next few weeks were difficult for Courtney and her 1-year-old daughter, but they had each other, and Brian’s and Courtney’s parents.

But about six weeks later, there were some complications.

Courtney went into the maternity wing of her hospital to make sure she and her baby were fine—but what the doctor told her was completely unexpected. Then she shared the news with her father, who had already been so emotional to begin with. They had just lost Brian, and when the grave phone call came from Courtney, they couldn’t bear to hear they’d lost their grandchild too.

But that wasn’t the kind of surprise they were in for.

The doctor had shown Courtney the ultrasound, and she remembers that moment clearly.

“My jaw dropped when she said, ‘Honey, you are pregnant with triplets!'”

Courtney could not believe it—not only was she blessed with one healthy baby, no! There would be three little ones! Three precious little ones whom she would be telling about their hero veteran dad and what a surprise and miracle they were.

“I am excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him,” Courtney told CBS.

The babies were due for October 2016, but in June, Courtney found out that there were only two heartbeats remaining, not three. Brady was no longer with them, at 25 weeks, but little Miles and Harper were going strong. Hundreds shared their love and support, and a few months later, twins were born.

The beautiful babies were born September 2016.

(The Hill Triplets, Due October 2016)

Through those unbelievable circumstances a woman who tragically lost her beloved husband will now be able to see his smile in each of her children’s faces—all three of them in their family of four!

(The Hill Triplets, Due October 2016)

Life itself writes stories beyond the imagination, and stories like this are meant to be shared. Our hearts go out to Courtney and her lovely family.

(The Hill Triplets, Due October 2016)
(The Hill Triplets, Due October 2016)
(The Hill Triplets, Due October 2016)