Woman is shocked when her boyfriend is arrested for drug possession—but the truth is even crazier

"It was the scariest and happiest day of my life."
February 11, 2018 1:57 pm Last Updated: February 11, 2018 1:57 pm

It was supposed to be a romantic getaway—but it turned into something much crazier.

Gary Aronov, a 34-year-old software salesman from Cleveland, was on vacation with his partner Caeom Noeum in Barcelona.

But when the couple got into legal trouble, their trip took a series of twists and turns no one would ever forget.

It was about 6 p.m. when the couple was heading out for a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant.

But their plans were derailed when they were suddenly pulled over by an undercover police officer, who accused them of buying from a wanted drug dealer.

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The officers frisked Aronov—and found a small vile of marijuana in his pocket.

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He was given a choice: to follow the officers and identify the dealer, or to face further legal trouble.

He chose the first option, and he and his shocked girlfriend were led into the officers’ car in handcuffs.

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While Aronov insisted everything would be fine—he’d identify the dealer and they’d be on their way—Caeom was nervous.

Making things even worse, the officers told her she’d be kept in their custody until they were sure she didn’t buy any drugs either.

Caeom began crying, insisting that her record was clean and that she’d only ever received a parking ticket.

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As Aronov was escorted to the station, Caeom was left alone in the car, visibly upset.

But when Caeom got out of the vehicle, she was shocked …

They weren’t at the police station at all …

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… they were at a romantic lookout, which Aronov had decorated with rose petals!

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Caeom soon figured out what was really going on … this wasn’t a drug arrest …

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… it was a proposal!

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Now, yes, most people would run the hell away after all that—who fakes a terrifying drug arrest as part of their marriage proposal?

Well, these two do.

“We have always pranked each other—it has just been part of the relationship,” Aronov told the Daily Mail. “So I just took it one step further and decided to incorporate it into the proposal.”

“He enjoys pranking me and takes a lot of pride in it,” Caeom added.

“It was the scariest and happiest day of my life.”

Okay, fair enough. And before you feel too bad for Caeom, know that she’s not one to hold back on the pranks either.

“She did a fake pregnancy prank on me.”

Yeesh. Okay, yeah, these two are meant for each other.

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So how did this plan come to fruition? Well, Aronov had some help from a London-based group called The Proposers, who helped him stage the entire stunt, from setting up hidden cameras to hiring two actors to play the officers (and that “pot” was oregano—classic).

These types of elaborate proposals are the group’s specialty—but this was unusual even for them.

“We have planned over 1,000 marriage proposals; however, nothing was at all like Gary’s idea,” a spokesperson for The Proposers told the Daily Mail. 

“Usually we want to make girls cry with happiness and not fear.”

But then again, they’d never come across a bride-to-be like Caeom, who clearly enjoyed being pranked—and was impressed by the group’s commitment to the ruse.

“He was a very good actor as I did not sense anything out of the ordinary,” she said.

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So if that was the proposal, how wild was their wedding?

Not wild at all—maybe because they could never quite top a fake drug bust, the couple put their pranks on hiatus, and had a surprisingly nice, conventional wedding six months later.

“Our wedding day was beautiful,” Caeom explained. “We had a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the river with a skyline view of the city.”

“I am truly the luckiest girl in the world.”

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