Woman house-sits an ice fishing house. But when something starts tugging on the line—she freaks out

What did she get?!
May 17, 2018 3:29 pm Last Updated: May 17, 2018 3:29 pm

Out in Battle Lake, Minnesota, ice fishing is a major pastime as Kim can surely attest. Kim’s husband and his friends own an ice house out there which they use for ice fishing among other activities.

One day, when her husband was out buying minnows, Kim and her friend were left to watch over the ice house alone. When a bell rang, signaling that a fish was on the line, she wasn’t sure what to do.

She called up a man named Grant to ask for advice. While Kim is a bit flustered about the recent turn of events, her friend can’t help but laugh at the situation. After a bit of advice, Kim tugs on the line. She can feel the weight of the fish.

“C’mon, Kim! C’mon!” her friend shouts.

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After a few seconds, Kim becomes discouraged.

“I don’t like I felt it right away Grant,” she says before giving another extra big tug. “I don’t think I got it.”

“Oh no!” her friend laments.


Yet Grant tells her not to give up yet and to keep tugging until she reaches the end of the line. As Kim pulls up more and more of the extra long fishing line, her hope is restored.

“No wait! I got it!” she says.

As she pulls the big fish out of the hole, her friend cheers. Kim’s first time ice fishing is a success!

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Credit: Jukin Media