For years she had nightmares about being diagnosed with cancer, then a woman had a dream about HER

October 19, 2017 11:42 am Last Updated: October 19, 2017 8:56 pm

Many people have had their fair share of recurring dreams, some more pleasant than others.

However, for the now 30-year-old Abi Galatia, the dreams she had while she was 12 years old were anything but pleasant—they were nightmarish. She had recurring dreams that she and her mother would one day be diagnosed with cancer.

For years Galatia had dreams that one day she’d be diagnosed with cancer.

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She shared her crazy dreams with friends and family, but they always brushed her off and told her that she was “mental.” No one took her seriously.

“My friends thought I was mad, they were like ‘You’re crazy.’ I knew me and my mum were gonna have cancer,” she told FEMAIL.

When Galatia was in her 20s, her nightmare came true—her mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Sadly her mother died after it spread throughout her body.

The dreams stopped for a time, but after her mother died they started again.

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About a year after Galatia’s mother passed away, she told FEMAIL that she started having the same dream again, but this time it was more intense than before. Suddenly they stopped. She then began to have wild visions of a dog attacking her.

During this time Galatia was working at a charity that helped victims of sex-trafficking in Cape Town, South Africa.

“One of the abuse victims I worked with came up to me one day. She didn’t know me very well, but she was like, ‘I’ve had three dreams about you.'” she said to FEMAIL.

While working a woman approached her and said that she had appeared in her dreams.

(Facebook/Abi Rhian Galatia)

Galatia was intrigued, and the woman insisted that she come over to her house. While at the woman’s house a dog tried to bite her through a gate. She pulled her arm back, and when she did her arm broke.

She told Atlas that she’d had an ache in her arm for some time previously, but she was still shocked that when she gently pulled her arm away from the dog, the bones in her arm snapped.

Galatia went to the doctor where she complained of excruciating pain, although the doctors were perplexed—a broken arm shouldn’t have caused her so much pain. However, after she flew back home and underwent a few more tests she was given the news she had always dreamed about—she had cancer.

Three years after her mother passed away, Galatia was also diagnosed with cancer.

Doctors diagnosed Galatia with osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that affects a person’s bones. The ache she felt in her arm for months was from a large tumor that had grown from her shoulder to her elbow.

She wasn’t entirely shocked, but the news was still devastating. Galatia underwent surgery to remove the tumor and then reconstructive surgery to rebuild her arm.

She had chemotherapy for a year and had surgery to reconstruct her arm.

Pre op. I am currently bored and oh so high in hospital for la night.

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Galatia has since been in remission and gives a lot of credit to her passion for photography for helping her heal.

It turns out Galatia’s and her friend’s dreams were anything but dreams—they acted as a warning, and she believes without them, doctors may not have found the cancer in time.

“When you get it it spreads like wildfire, and it’s pretty horrendous, but it was amazing that the dog attacked me and the girl had those dreams, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here to be honest,” she said.