Woman grateful store clerk sensed something was wrong and followed his instincts

November 24, 2017 11:03 am Last Updated: November 25, 2017 11:17 am

Human intuition has been refined over the long course of history. Too often, people disregard their instincts, and are willing to write off the idea of “gut feeling” as hokum. But the feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is wrong shouldn’t be ignored.

One doctor in Philadelphia is happy that a gas station attendant followed his gut feeling and acted on it. If he’d been willing to look the other way, as so many others would, she doesn’t know where she would be right now.

Manveer Komer was working overnight at a gas station when he noticed a woman behaving strangely as a man escorted her to the ATM.

(ABC News/ Screenshot)

“I was looking,” Komer told ABC station WPVI-TV. “This is not a boyfriend, not a girlfriend.”

Komer was right to be suspicious. The woman had been abducted from a local Philadelphia hospital parking lot where she worked as a doctor. As she was walking back to her car, the man showed her what appeared to be a gun, and took her hostage.

For the rest of the night, he drove her car to various ATMs around town, forcing her to withdraw funds until her card was declined for having reached the maximum. At one point, he forced her to drive to a friend’s house and picked him up.

After her card was declined at the ATM, the man used her credit card to buy cigarettes at the counter from Komer.

(ABC News/Screenshot)

As the two turned to leave the store, Komer realized he had to do something. She appeared reluctant to leave with the man, and that was everything he needed to know—it was time for action. As the man, later identified as Nathaniel Rodriguez, walked out the door, Komer put himself in harm’s way for the greater good.

He physically put himself between Rodriguez and the doctor and told her to stay inside the store. He then followed the man outside into the parking lot, and yelled at him to give back the woman’s keys and phone. That’s when Rodriguez reached into his coat as if to pull out a gun, and sent Komer running back into the store. The man drove off in the doctor’s car.

Once Komer had chased Rodriguez off, he asked the woman if she was alright, gave her a bottle of water, and called the police.

(ABC News/Screenshot)

Rodriguez later turned on the woman’s phone, which allowed the woman’s husband to track it and for the police to catch up with him and arrest him.

The doctor was able to get her phone and car back, but more importantly, she was alive and safe.

If it weren’t for Manveer Komer acting on his intuition, the story might not have had such a happy ending. But because of his bravery and selflessness, nobody was hurt and justice was served.

Watch the news report of the incident below: