Woman gives birth to twins way too early, one dies only 1 hour after birth. Months later, doctors have more news

"You have a feeling that you're getting punished."
December 1, 2017 9:47 am Last Updated: December 1, 2017 9:47 am

Losing a baby can be the worst thing a couple can go through.

Angel Hind was set to give birth to a pair of twins. She and her husband Nick couldn’t have been more excited to start a new journey together. What she wasn’t expecting was for them to be born 22 weeks into her pregnancy, which is essentially about three months premature and always a risk to both the mother and the babies.

Both babies were born alive, but at only 1 pound each.

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Unfortunately, Blake, the boy, had passed away within an hour of being born. The girl, Annabelle, had lived and seemed healthy, but doctors saw that she had a hole in her bowel. She was moved to a different hospital for treatment, but four days after her birth—Annabelle died as well.

Angel had lost her babies.

“It was hard because you feel so guilty,” She told the Sun. “It’s just the worst thing you could possibly go through.”

She even said, “You have a feeling that you’re getting punished.”

The couple even made a tribute video on YouTube, where Angel had written an original song dedicated to her lost twins. After this, they had no choice but to move on.

But three months later, something miraculous happened.

Angel became pregnant again — and there was a striking coincidence.

It was twins again—one boy and one girl just like before. Another boy and another girl was inside Angel’s belly. The couple couldn’t believe it, but based on their previous pregnancy, they had their doubts.

“We thought it was going to happen again,” Angel said. And who could blame her given how it was only months prior where she thought she would have two, healthy twins? Doubts had filled her head up until the 23rd week, which she got past, and was relieved by it.

“It was a huge weight on me because I thought we wouldn’t make it again,” Angel said.

This time, the pregnancy lasted until 35 weeks, and the boy and girl were both born healthy!

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The babies were named Mason and Ava, with their middle names being Blake and Annabelle to honor their two lost siblings.

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And the first place the family went to after leaving the hospital was the lost siblings’ grave.

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“All my love for Blake and Annabelle is now living through Ava and Mason.” Angel told Daily Mail.

It’s tough when you prepare to love something, and then lose it. But thankfully, all of the love that Angel and Nick had will now be given to twins Ava and Mason.

“I really hope my story will help others like me. Because you do need that hope, otherwise it’s hard to carry on,” she said.

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