Woman freaks out over fish pedicure

May 1, 2017 8:46 pm Last Updated: May 1, 2017 8:46 pm

Ever get a fish pedicure? It’s when you put your feet into into a tub or tank of water with “garra rufa,” also called doctor fish or nibble fish. The fish nibble away at at the excess skin. Think of it as really intense exfoliation.

In this video the woman, there’s a lot of ticklish laughter and a bit of hysterical screaming before she finds the nerve to put her feet in the water.

“It’s biting my toe! Why? Why?!” she yells, before breathing deeply to calm herself.  “There’s like a hundred fish on my feet. It’s like I’ve put my feet into cockroach lake.”


Her reaction isn’t completely unfounded (hey, Kim Kardashian had a similar reaction). The benefits of fish pedicures aren’t completely proven either. In fact, the treatment is banned in a number of places including in New York state for sanitary reasons (you can’t completely sanitize the water if the fish need to live and swim in it), making it a risk for fungal infections.

Here’s another video, from the “foot-holder’s eye” point of view, where a comparatively calm Bob Harris (TV and travel writer) tries out the Fish Spa in the Singapore airport.

“Ready? Here’s dinner,” he says to the fish. His reaction turns quickly.

“Oh! Oh my god, that feels strange, I’m being swarmed!”