Woman devastated after family dog died, so she jumps at chance to adopt stray dog with machete wound

He was in terrible shape when he was found
July 12, 2018 4:24 pm Last Updated: July 12, 2018 4:24 pm

It’s always hard when you lose a member of your family. With that being said, the past year has been quite the eventful one for Carrie Petrullo and her family.

Their pit bull, Bronx, passed away in the summer of 2017.

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“I really just never thought I would get over it,” Pertrullo said.

Petrullo seemed as close to this dog as anyone could be, making the loss harder on her.

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Some time after, the woman happened to be following The Puerto Rico Dog Fund on Instagram. And anyone that’s been to the island knows about its stray dog problems.

On the page, Petrullo came across one dog in particular.

It was a stray pit bull named Carlos, and he appeared to be in bad condition.

“He’s in terrible shape yet his tail won’t stop wagging,” the post read.

It would be a road to recovery for the dog—the vets determined that he had a machete wound on his neck.

But when Petrullo saw this dog, all she could think of was Bronx. And since Bronx was also a rescue, she knew she couldn’t pass up on saving this dog too.

The woman contacted the Instagram page to ask them if she could take him in, whenever he was ready to fly.

Eventually, the dog was flown in, and he was all hers.

Petrullo named the dog Carlos, and the pooch fit in with the family almost immediately.

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In between the dog’s many vet appointments, he would play with Petrullo’s children and with the woman herself.

The family’s other pit bull, Harlem, even got along with Carlos just fine.

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A GoFundMe was also started in order to help cover Carlos’s medical costs, and it’s almost at its goal of $4,000.

“He deserves the world,” Petrullo said in the GoFundMe. “He’s a fighter. My hero.”

In the end, Petrullo just wants to show people that stray dogs matter just as much as any other dog.

“I think a lot of people think street dogs are dirty, they’re not,” she said. “They’re perfectly imperfect, and they just need love.”

Horrible things happened to Carlos in his life, yet he still shows unconditional love towards his family.

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The dog even has his own Instagram page, and with over 3,100 followers, it’s obvious that he has a fan base.

From seeing this, it’s clear that others don’t care that Carlos looks different, or what he’s been through in life.

Dogs are happy to be treated as a part of our families, and the love between canines and their human caretakers is mutual.

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