Woman brushes teeth with charcoal for 7 days–here’s what she says and how to do it

September 1, 2017 1:25 pm Last Updated: September 1, 2017 1:25 pm

Kate has always longed for sparkling pearly whites. She usually subscribes to commercial toothpastes promising ‘advanced whitening.’ But after 20 years of disappointment and fruitless results, she sought to experiment with a unique teeth whitening alternative—activated charcoal.

Known for its medicinal qualities, activated charcoal is excellent for the skin, stomach, and teeth. It’s also a highly effective at remedying accidental poisoning, treating spider bites, and purifying water and air, making it a must-have household item.

The highly absorbent substance removes toxins that stick to the surface of the charcoal which is why it’s such a popular natural teeth whitener, especially for those hard-to-remove stains like coffee, wine, berries, and tea.

“It absorbs bacteria, toxins, and staining, and makes them whiter as a result.”

Genevieve from Mama Natural is going to show us how to use this easy and inexpensive way to whiten our teeth using activated charcoal.

Genevieve recommends Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal which you can purchase at health food stores or online for less than $10.

First things first

“Grab an old toothbrush, wet it well, and then set it on toilet paper or paper towel. Then, grab a capsule from your bottle, open up the capsule carefully, and pour the contents onto your toothbrush.”

Then carefully bring the toothbrush to your mouth and brush in circular motions for about 3 to 5 minutes. Genevieve warns it will feel very powdery but not to worry about it because “your saliva will take over and it will be fine.”

Spit into a cup to avoid making a mess! Like many other people, Genevieve says your mouth and teeth will super clean immediately. She recommends brushing with charcoal once a day 3 days a week or 5 days if your teeth really need it, after that you can brush with charcoal every 3 months or so.

First time user and writer for The Little Things, Kate Taylor brushed with activated charcoal for 7 days  straight and said “The charcoal also neutralized my breath more than I thought it would.” and that the “experience was pleasant overall, and that my mouth does feel clean.”

Kate also found it “interesting that there are other options out there besides toothpaste that can help clean up pearly whites.”

Overall, Kate concluded that the activated charcoal did whiten her teeth, albeit not drastically. She would “recommend trying charcoal to anyone curious who might want to go half a shade lighter without investing in pricey whitening strips.”

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Watch Genevieve’s how-to here: