Woman angry when another car cut her off—but what she sees in back seat—cops called

December 20, 2017 10:52 am Last Updated: December 20, 2017 10:52 am

We’ve all experienced “road rage” at one point or another, sometimes hurling four-letter words (or one-finger hand gestures) at the car that may have wronged us, and its usually a reckless driver cutting us off on the road or some trivial issue that sets someone off.

Whether or not they deserve it, getting aggressively angry behind the wheel of a car is usually not the healthiest or wisest behavior.

But in this one case, a bit of road rage helped a woman bring down a serious criminal in the act.

It all happened in Baltimore, MD. this week. A local woman named Karen Lipford was driving when suddenly, she was cut off on the road by a Mazda Six. Lipford was annoyed.

“I just don’t know how she pulled out right in front of me but she did,” she told WBFF.

“She cut me off!”


In a bit of minor road rage, Lipford started tailing the car.

“To be honest with you, it upset me that she cut me off,” she told WMAR.

But then, she realized she recognized the vehicle.

Only moments before her run-in with the car, she received a news alert about a stolen vehicle in the neighborhood. Reportedly, the thief was a passenger in the car of another woman, and took off with the vehicle when the driver was inside a 7-11.

And up close, she realized the license plate number looked familiar to the one from the report.


So, she followed the car through West Baltimore, waiting for it to make a stop so she could verify the number.

Finally, the driver pulled over—to make a drug deal.

While the driver was conducting business, Lipford investigated the vehicle herself—and made a shocking discover:

There was a baby inside.


Lipford immediately called 911—but the car thief caught on to what she was doing, got back in the stolen vehicle and sped off again.

But it was too late: the police were now on her tail, and soon they made an arrest, which bystanders caught on camera:

The car and baby were reportedly returned unharmed as the car thief was taken into custody. And it was all thanks to Lipford, and an unlikely combination of coincidence, ingenuity and road rage.

“I’m just glad that I saw her,” Lipford told WBFF.