Woman buys $2.99 trinket at thrift store—what she notices inside—daughter wouldn’t touch it

January 23, 2018 2:42 pm Last Updated: January 23, 2018 6:41 pm

Priscilla Bailey discovered a beautiful blue and silver heart-shaped decoration at a thrift store in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and couldn’t pass it up.

Shortly after returning home with her find, Bailey noticed something off with the decoration. There appeared to be something inside, more specifically, it appeared that the “something” was ashes.

Bailey discovered the trinket at the thrift store and for only $2.99 she couldn’t pass it up.


Her daughter, Kat Bartlett, makes glass art as a side business, so Bailey thought she might like the heart.

“My mom tried to give it to me and said, ‘Look what I found, I got it at Savers,'” Bartlett, told the Boston Globe. “I said to her, ‘It looks like it’s ashes, Mom.'”

Bailey enlisted the help of her family and they discovered that there was something inside of the heart, and that her little trinket may actually be an urn.

Upon further investigation Bailey realized the heart is most likely an urn.


They were shocked at the discovery, but wanted to make sure that the heart found its way back to its rightful owner.

“It’s beautiful, it must have a story, so that’s my goal to find out where and who this belongs to,” Bartlett told WBZ-TV.

The first place Bartlett reached out to was the thrift store where her mother purchased the item. After hearing the store would “dispose of it properly” for her, Bartlett decided to share a photo of the urn on Facebook.

“Hopefully somebody knows or sees it [online],” she told the Boston Globe.

Bartlett shared an image of the heart on social media in hopes that someone knows the owner.

While they await an answer, Bailey keeps the heart hanging over her sink.

“It’ll be fun seeing what happens and hopefully someone comes forward and says yes that was my grandmother or grandfather,” she told WBZ-TV.